custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift lift tilt extension small dump truck hydraulic cylinder

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Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinder for Industrial Vehicle/Forklift Lift Tilt Extension Small Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinder

Our custom made hydraulic cylinder is designed to cater to industrial vehicles and forklifts that require lift tilt extension as well as small dump trucks that need hydraulic cylinder support. It is an essential component that enables these vehicles to perform at their optimal level.

Importance and Function

  • Enables lift tilt extension and supports dump trucks
  • Increases system stability and equipment lifespan
  • High precision and adaptability
  • High torque transfer and elasticity

The hydraulic cylinder is designed with features that improve the stability of the lifting system and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Its high precision and adaptability ensure that it can cater to different industrial vehicles and forklifts. The high torque transfer and elasticity enable it to withstand heavy-duty operations, ensuring that your vehicle can operate at its best.

Working Principle

The hydraulic cylinder works by converting hydraulic energy into linear force and motion. It comprises various components, including the cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, seals, and end cap. When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder, it creates pressure, which pushes the piston, and in turn, the piston rod. This results in linear motion, which enables lift tilt extension or dump truck support.


The forklift tilt cylinder is commonly used in various types of forklifts, industrial vehicles, and small dump trucks. Its ability to support heavy loads and provide stability makes it a crucial component in these vehicles. The cylinder is essential in various applications, including construction, material handling, and warehousing.

forklift tilt cylinder in use

Materials and Maintenance

The hydraulic cylinder is made of high-quality materials such as steel, which ensures durability and longevity. These materials are carefully selected for their ability to withstand heavy loads and constant use.

To ensure that the hydraulic cylinder continues to operate at its optimal level, routine maintenance and inspection are required. This includes checking for leaks, proper lubrication, and ensuring that all parts are functioning correctly. Failure to maintain the cylinder can result in costly repairs and reduce the lifespan of the equipment.

Customization and Design

As technology advances, specific types of forklifts require unique designs for their tilt cylinders. Our company, China Axle, offers customization and design services to cater to the various needs of our clients. We have a team of experienced engineers who work with clients to create bespoke hydraulic cylinders that meet their specific requirements.

Company Information and Promotion

China Axle is a leading manufacturer of industrial vehicle components, including torsion axles, straight axles, axle shafts, and drop axles. Our production capacity is 200,000 sets per year, and we have various automatic CNC production and assembly equipment. We offer high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

For customers looking for custom-made hydraulic cylinders, we offer design and customization services, allowing them to have bespoke components tailored to their needs. Our products are of high quality, durable, and designed to meet the various needs of our clients.

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