custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift lift tilt extension small hydraulic lift cylinder

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Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinder for Industrial Vehicle/Forklift Lift Tilt Extension Small Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

Our custom-made hydraulic cylinder is designed for industrial vehicles and forklifts, specifically for lift tilt extension and small hydraulic lift cylinders. It is an essential component for the proper functioning of these machines, as it enables them to lift and tilt heavy loads with ease and precision.

Features and Benefits

Twist-Free Torque Transmission

Our hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth and consistent twist-free torque transmission, ensuring maximum efficiency and power output.

High Elasticity

With its high elasticity, our hydraulic cylinder can withstand heavy loads and pressure, making it ideal for industrial applications.

High Precision

Our hydraulic cylinder is designed to provide high precision and accuracy, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Improved System Stability

Our hydraulic cylinder improves system stability, reducing the risk of machine failure and downtime.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Our hydraulic cylinder can extend the lifespan of equipment, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall efficiency.

Strong Adaptability

Our hydraulic cylinder is highly adaptable and can be customized to fit a wide range of industrial vehicles and forklifts.

Working Principle

Our hydraulic cylinder works by converting hydraulic power into mechanical force, enabling the machine to lift and tilt heavy loads. The cylinder is controlled by a hydraulic pump, which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid and pushes the piston. As the piston moves, it creates a force that is transmitted to the machine's lifting mechanism, causing it to move up or down.


Our forklift tilt cylinder is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as in warehouses, factories, and construction sites. It is commonly used in forklifts, cranes, and other heavy machinery that require the ability to lift and tilt heavy loads.

forklift tilt cylinder in use

Basic Structure and Materials

Our forklift tilt cylinder is made up of several main components, including the cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, and seals. These components are typically made from high-strength steel alloys, which provide durability and resistance to wear and tear. The seals are made from materials such as rubber or polyurethane, which are highly resistant to hydraulic fluid and pressure.

Role in Forklift Operations

Our forklift tilt cylinder plays a crucial role in the operation of forklifts, as it enables them to lift and tilt heavy loads with precision and ease. It also helps to improve the stability and safety of the machine, reducing the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the proper functioning of our hydraulic cylinder, it is important to perform regular maintenance and care. This includes checking for leaks, inspecting the seals and piston rod, and ensuring proper lubrication. It is also important to replace any worn or damaged components as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the machine.

Specialized Design for Specific Forklifts

As technology advances, certain types of forklifts may require specialized designs for their tilt cylinders. Our hydraulic cylinder can be customized to fit the specific needs of these machines, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.

forklift tilt cylinder in use

Company and Product Promotion

Our company is a leading provider of industrial vehicle and forklift components, including torsion axles, straight axles, axle shafts, and drop axles. We have a production capacity of 200,000 sets per year and use state-of-the-art automated production and assembly equipment to ensure high-quality products at competitive prices. We welcome custom orders based on drawings and samples.

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