OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for Industrial Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder

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OEM Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinder for Industrial Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder

The Industrial Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder is a custom-made hydraulic cylinder designed to fit various industrial applications. It is a critical component in many machines that require lifting, tilting, or rotating heavy loads. This hydraulic cylinder is designed to operate under high-pressure conditions and deliver reliable performance under demanding industrial conditions.

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Torque Transmission:

    This hydraulic cylinder is capable of transmitting high torque loads efficiently, making it perfect for demanding industrial applications.

  • High Elasticity:

    The cylinder has excellent flexibility that allows it to withstand shock loads and vibrations, making it more durable and reliable.

  • High Precision:

    It has a high level of accuracy in controlling the load movement, ensuring precise positioning and stable operation.

  • Improved System Stability:

    The hydraulic cylinder enhances system stability and reduces the risk of system failure, prolonging equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan:

    Using this hydraulic cylinder in your equipment can extend its lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements.

  • High Adaptability:

    The hydraulic cylinder is suitable for various industrial applications, meeting the unique needs and requirements of different customers.

Working Principle:

The forklift tilt cylinder is a double-acting hydraulic cylinder that uses hydraulic pressure to control the motion of the forklift. The cylinder has two ports, an inlet, and an outlet. When the hydraulic fluid enters the cylinder's inlet port, it pushes the piston inside the cylinder, causing the rod to extend. When the fluid exits the outlet port, the piston retracts, causing the rod to retract. The hydraulic control valves regulate the fluid flow and pressure, controlling the speed and direction of the cylinder's movement.


The forklift tilt cylinder is commonly used in forklifts to control the lifting and tilting of loads. It is suitable for various types of forklifts, including electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, and gas forklifts. The cylinder is also used in other machines that require precise and reliable hydraulic control of loads.

Structure and Components:

The forklift tilt cylinder consists of a hydraulic cylinder body, piston, rod, and end fittings. The cylinder body is made of high-strength steel, and the piston and rod are made of hardened alloy steel to withstand high pressure and wear. The end fittings are made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum and are designed to fit various forklift models and applications.

Maintenance and Care:

To ensure the forklift tilt cylinder's reliable performance, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and care. The cylinder should be checked for leaks, dents, and other damages and repaired or replaced as necessary. The hydraulic fluid level and quality should be monitored regularly, and the fluid should be changed periodically. The cylinder's seals and bearings should be lubricated per the manufacturer's recommendations, and the hydraulic system should be flushed and cleaned periodically.

Custom Design:

As technology advances, some forklifts may require specific tilt cylinders to meet their unique needs and requirements. Our company offers custom designs and manufacturing services to meet these needs, providing customers with the most suitable tilt cylinders for their machines.

About Our Company:

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