Promotional Various Durable Using dump truck Tilt Hydraulic Cylinders with CE Certified

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Promotional Various Durable Using dump truck Tilt Hydraulic Cylinders with CE Certified

Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are the perfect solution for dump trucks, loaders, forklifts, and other heavy-duty equipment. They provide powerful torque transfer, high elasticity, and precision to improve system stability and extend the life of your equipment. Our cylinders are adaptable and highly durable, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Features and Advantages

  • Torque Transfer: Our hydraulic tilt cylinders provide exceptional torque transfer to lift and tilt heavy loads with ease.
  • High Elasticity: The high elasticity of our cylinders ensures smooth operation and minimizes the risk of damage to your equipment.
  • High Precision: Our cylinders are engineered to provide precise control, ensuring accuracy and safety during operation.
  • Improved System Stability: Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are designed to improve the stability of your equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing productivity.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Our cylinders are built to last, providing reliable performance and extending the life of your equipment.
  • Adaptable: Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are adaptable to a variety of applications, making them a versatile solution for your equipment needs.

Working Principle

Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are made up of a piston and cylinder assembly, hydraulic fluid, and hydraulic lines. When hydraulic pressure is applied to one side of the piston, it moves, causing the cylinder to extend or retract. This movement is used to control the lift and tilt of heavy loads in equipment like forklifts and dump trucks.


Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are commonly used in forklifts, dump trucks, loaders, and other heavy-duty equipment. They are ideal for applications where heavy loads need to be lifted and tilted, such as in construction, mining, and material handling.


Our hydraulic tilt cylinders are made up of several key components, including the piston, cylinder, rod, and hydraulic lines. These components are typically made from high-strength materials like steel and aluminum, which are selected for their durability and ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions.

Role in Forklift Operations

Hydraulic tilt cylinders are essential components of forklifts, providing the lifting and tilting power needed to handle heavy loads and maintain stability. They are used to control the height and angle of the forks, allowing operators to safely and efficiently move materials.

Maintenance and Upkeep

To ensure the reliable performance of your hydraulic tilt cylinders, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication, as well as prompt repairs for any damage or wear and tear. By keeping your cylinders in good condition, you can extend their lifespan and improve the efficiency of your equipment.

Specialized Designs for Specific Forklift Types

As technology continues to advance, specialized designs for hydraulic tilt cylinders are being developed to suit the specific needs of different forklift types. This includes cylinders designed for narrow aisle forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, and other specialized equipment.

Company Overview

Our company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic tilt cylinders, as well as a range of other heavy-duty equipment components. With a production capacity of 200,000 sets and an annual output of 300 units, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products, competitive pricing, and attentive service to our customers. We welcome customization requests and are committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your equipment needs.

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